Eco process

Campogalliano, 04 January 2017

The new trigeneration plant consist of a CHP unity (Combined Heat and Power), based on a four-stroke
engine at eight cycle 425 kW electrical. The system is a gas fueled engine, and its coupled to a three-phase
synchronous generator (400V) and to a regenerative fumes exchanger based on a LiBr absorber for the
production of refrigerated water.

This cogeneration unit is an efficient integrated system that offers an efficient and ecological way to
simultaneously produce heat and electricity.
The trigeneration unit its finalized for the production of:
– Electrical energy;
– Energy refrigerated storage in the form of refrigerated water through a cycle of absorption.
For the emission in air the cogeneration power plant complies with the following limits:

Nitrogen oxides (NOx) <500 mg/Nm3 @ 5% of free O2 in the emission
Carbon monoxide (CO) < 300 mg/Nm3 @ 5% of free O2 in the emission

Acoustic emissions are controlled by a silencer for fume that allow the reach of a level of 70Db(A)@1m in
free field. These values are achieved through a shielding system, which consist of a steel frame covered
with soundproof panels and provided of access doors.

This new system has been implemented in order to reduce of about 40% the total emission in atmosphere
for the production of electrical energy. This is extremely important for Lar because will allow the process of
innovation of the facility but at the same time will help in reducing the environmental impact, that has
always been one of the focus point of Lar policy.

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